Winter 2021 - Tournaments & Special Events

Sports Trivia Nights

Sports Trivia Nights

Do you like sports?  Do you like trivia?  Then we've got the perfect games for you!  Beginning in January 2021, UTM Intramurals and UTMAC will be offering 5 nights of Sports Trivia.  Register for one night, register for two nights, register for as many nights as you’d like!  Each night will have a different theme and the winner will receive a prize pack!  This is the chance to showcase your sports knowledge and earn bragging rights amongst your rivals.  Registration begins on Monday, January the 4th at 8amSo spread the word, Sports Trivia is happening!     



     Trivia Theme

Registration Link

January 26  @  6pm Hockey & Basketball       Register
 February 9  @  6pm    Soccer & Cricket       Register
February 23 @  6pm Volleyball & Baseball       Register
  March 16  @  6pm     Racquet Sports       Register
  March 30  @  6pm          Olympics       Register



1. Individual Participation – no teams

2. All trivia sessions will be scheduled to play live at 6:00PM EST on these Tuesdays – January 26th, February 9th, February 23rd, March 16th & March 30th.

3. A brief virtual meeting will occur at 6pm EST on the Monday evening prior to the Sports Trivia Night.

3. Participants are expected to arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.

4. Participants must have access to a Kahoot account and access to Zoom.

5. 40 questions each week based on the theme – questions will vary from multiple choice, puzzles, picture reveal and True or False. These questions will be in no particular order.

How To Register

1. Go to and “Sign up” if you don’t already have an account, make sure you select “University of Toronto Mississauga” as your school/affiliation. If you already have an account, “Login”.

2. Navigate to the Intramural homepage and locate the league you are interested in participating in. Create a team name.

3. Registration begins on Monday, January the 4th, 2021 at 8am and will close 48 hours prior to each event date.

4. All participants must email the UTM Intramurals Administration Staff ( their Team Name to confirm their registration in the league.                    


For more information regarding UTM Intramurals, please contact the UTM Intramurals Adminstration Staff at