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Welcome to UTM Intramurals

The UTM Intramurals program aims to provide diverse and accessible recreational sport opportunities for the UTM campus that promote fun and fair play! Our goal is to positively impact the post-secondary experience, providing sport opportunities that allow all students to fully participate, make new friends, while staying physically active and having fun!

Whether you are a student, staff, faculty, alumnus, or community member, getting involved in Intramural sport is a great way to meet new people, stay physically active...all while competing for the coveted UTM Intramurals Champion T-Shirt!

For the 2019-2020 season, UTM Intramurals is offering the following sport opportunities:


  • Coed & Open Basketball
  • Open Cricket
  • Coed Dodgeball
  • Coed Outdoor Ultimate
  • Open Outdoor Soccer
  • Coed & Open Indoor Soccer
  • Coed Volleyball


  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Innertube Water Basketball
  • Squash


To register, please visit the How to Register page for the complete step-by-step process. 

Team Registration for Winter 2020 is now open! 

Check out the Winter 2020 Sport Calendar for league playing days and times


Team captains and/or a team representative are required to attend the individual league Captain’s Meetings: 

Indoor League Sports - Thursday January 16th 2020

Location: RAWC Multi-Purpose Room B
Coed Dodgeball - 3:30PM
Coed Basketball - 4:00PM
Open Basketball - 4:30PM
Open Cricket - 5:00PM
Coed Indoor Soccer - 5:30PM
Open Indoor Soccer - 6:00PM
Coed Volleyball - 6:30PM

Team scheduling needs are discussed at the captain’s meetings and the necessary changes made (ie. for class conflicts). If you do not attend the meeting, we cannot guarantee for changes to be made to your team playing times.

Team Captains are encouraged to review the handbook before entering a team, to ensure a full understanding of responsibilities, including ensuring you have enough interested teammates to form a team.

Should you be unable to attend and/or cannot send a rep in your place, please contact utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca


Want to join in the fun of UTM Intramurals, but don't have a team?

 Email utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca directly to see if teams are looking for free agents. In your email, please include the following information:

  • Sport/league of interest
  • Dates/times of play
  • UofT student number (if applicable)

Free agents are encouraged to attend the Team Captain's meetings for the league they wish to join, introducing yourself directly to teams.

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For more information regarding UTM Intramurals, please contact the UTM Intramurals Adminstration Staff at utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca