Eagles Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Varsity season for 2021-2022 at UTM?

For an update on the 2021-2022 season, please click here.

In what association does the UTM Varsity Eagles compete?

U of T Mississauga Varsity teams compete in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA), which is the coordinating body for the intercollegiate sports within the Ontario colleges (i.e., Humber, Sheridan, George Brown, Seneca etc.). The 29 OCAA member institutions have the opportunity to compete in league and tournament sports. Teams can compete at both the provincial and national level. Provincial champions, representing Team Ontario, go on to compete nationally within the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA). The CCAA is the national governing sport body for intercollegiate sports for Canadian colleges. For more information, vist www.ocaa.com.

What Varsity Sports does UTM offer?

  • The UTM Eagles compete in Badminton, Cross Country, Women's and Men's Soccer and Women's and Men's Basketball.

What does being a UTM Varsity Eagles athlete entail?

  • Each UTM Varsity team season operates differently, whether competing in league format (Basketball and Outdoor Soccer) or in tournaments (Cross Country, Badminton and Indoor Soccer).
  • Student-athletes can generally expect to train two to four times per week with two hour team practices and strength and conditioning sessions, in addition to regular competition.Teams compete both at UTM and across the province and nation. 
  • Travel, uniforms, practice apparel, overnight accomodation and athletic therapy, as well as some team meals, are covered when as a member of a UTM Varsity team!

Who's eligible to compete for the UTM Varsity teams?

  • UTM student-athletes must be registered in full-time undergraduate or graduate studies at UTM. For undergrads, students must be registered in 1.5 courses per semester they are competing. For graduate studies, students must be registered with full-time status. All student-athletes are required to maintain a CGPA of 1.5+ at all times.

What other Varsity sport options are available to UTM students?

UTM students are eligible to try-out for the U of T Varsity Bues, in over 40 varsity sports. Varsity Blues teams participate in two leagues: OUA (Ontario University Athletics) which oversees provincial university sports and U SPORTS, the body that oversees national university sporting competition. For more information on the U of T Varsity Blues click here.

What if I don't make the Varsity team, are there other sport teams I can join on the UTM campus?

  • YES! UTM offers a breadth of competitive and recreational sport opportunities to UTM students, with sports including Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Flag Football, Ultimate and more! 

    For more information, visit the UTM Sports page to find the team for you!

For any additional questions about the UTM Varsity Eagles, please email Sonia Carreiro, Varsity and Intramural Sport Coordinator at sonia.rocha@utoronto.ca