UTM Varsity Athlete Registration Process (VBRS)

Varsity Badminton
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Women's Soccer

These steps below should help UTM student athletes register for the UTM Eagles through the VBRS system

Before you tryout for your specific sport, make sure to register both on "Become an Eagle" and on "Varsity Athlete Registration Process (VBRS)". Here are steps to help athletes with registering with VBRS.

1. Login to HERE with your UTOR ID and password.
2. Fill out "Other Personal Information"
3. Click "Add Sport"
4. Make sure you select "Your UTM Sport" next to it.

  • Badminton (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Cross Country (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Men's Soccer (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Men's Indoor Soccer (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Women's Soccer (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles 
  • Women's Indoor Soccer (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Men's Basketball (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles
  • Women's Basketball (2017-2018) - UTM Eagles

5. You should see four forms that need to be completed: CCAA Consent Form, Informed Consent Agreement, Medical-Form UTM, and OCAA Notice to Athlete. If they do not see these forms they may have chosen, the varsity blues team in error.

6. Fill out the forms, print out your medical form and take it to The Sports Clinic located on the ground floor of the Athletics Facility (RAWC) to fully complete your registration process. There will also be a sign-in form at the clinic so that we can tell if you have handed in your medical forms.

7. All of the forms must be filled in and the medical form handed into the clinic for the athlete to be fully registered for try-outs.

Note: Athletes will need to register for indoor soccer in early November. It will be made inactive until that point so that only the fall outdoor soccer is seen on the registration system.

Main problems students may encounter: UTM athletes filling in Varsity Blues forms and not finding soccer or indoor soccer as they are listed by the gender first and other U of T sports are listed by sport then gender.

Failing to print and hand in the medical forms to the Sports Clinic will render the registration process as incomplete.

Any problems please contact Jack Krist at j.krist@utoronto.ca