Varsity Athlete Registration


UTM student-athletes must pre-register prior to tryouts on VBRS ("Varsity Blues Registration System"). The VBRS system is powered by ROSI/ACORN, allowing Coaches and Administrators to check prospective athletes' eligibility before tryouts/competition, as well as have student-athletes complete the necessary forms and waivers required to be a Varsity athlete.

Participants will NOT be allowed to tryout for a Varsity team unless their VBRS registration and Medical Form are complete.

Here are the steps to register on VBRS for the UTM Eagles:

1. Visit

2. Login using your UTORid and password. 

3. Fill out the "Other Personal Information" section.

4. Click "Add Sport" (NOTE: be sure to select "UTM Eagles" teams, not Varsity Blues).

  • Badminton (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles
  • Cross Country (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles
  • Women's Soccer (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles
  • Men's Soccer (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles 
  • Women's Basketball (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles
  • Men's Basketball (2019-2020) - UTM Eagles

5. Complete the Varsity Athlete Medical Form prior to attending tryouts. Submit the form in the following ways:

  1. Electronically via email to UTM Athletic Therapist,
  2. Directly in-person to the UTM Athletic Therapy Centre (confirm drop-off time by emailing
  3. Bring in hardcopy to your first tryout. Note that this option may cause a delay in your participation in tryouts while the form is being reviewed by the Athletic Therapist

After registering on VBRS and submitting your Varsity Athlete Medical Form, simply show up to the open tryouts listed on our Tryout Schedule page.

Have questions about joining the Varsity Eagles? Check out our Eagles FAQ page!