Intramural Handbooks

The Campus Rec Intramural Programs are governed by the Intramural Handbook Of Rules and Regulations and the Review Board Handbook.

Handbook of Rules and Regulations

Table of Contents

  • A. Definitions
  • B. UTM Fair Play Code
  • C. Eligibility
  • D. Eligibility Restrictions
  • E. Registration - Team Sports
  • F. Transfer of Players - League Play
  • G. Emergency Replacements
  • H. Play-Off Eligibility
  • I. Play-Off Regulations
  • J. Penalties for Default
  • K. Fighting and Rough Play
  • L. Game Protests
  • M. Review Boards
  • N. Appeals
  • O. Protective Equipment
  • P. Health and Safety

Download the Handbook of Rules and Regulations

Review Board Handbook

Team captains, coaches, or managers are responsible for conveying the above information and rule changes for their intramural activity to all team members. Protests and appeals will not be heard on the basis of lack of knowledge of either the general intramural rules and regulations or the various sport specific rules!

Download the Review Board Handbook

The Review Board Handbook was last revised in September 2016.