Fall & Winter Leagues

Campus Rec

We have a variety of Campus Rec Intramural Leagues for all UTM students and staff members.  We try to have a variety of divisions in each league to accommodate all skill levels.  If you need more info please read below or stop by the Program Office, room 060 in the RAWC. Click on the league links on the left side for sport-specific league information.

Student and Staff Participation

All UTM students and staff members are welcome to participate in our Campus Rec Intramural Leagues. Students must be registered at UTM - students registered downtown or at Scarborough, although they may be taking courses at UTM, are not eligible to participate.

Division 1, Division 2 or Open Division, which one is best for my team?

Players and teams are allowed to participate in only one division per intramural sport.  Generally speaking, Division 1 is more competitive than Div 2.  Players and teams with more playing experience should enter Div 1.  Teams may choose to move from Div 2 to Div 1 in the 2nd semester if they found that they were not competitive enough in Div 1.  Teams may also move up from Div 2 to Div 1 in the 2nd semester to better challenge their team. 

Open Divisions are often formed when there are not enough teams to start the season with 2 distinct Divisions.  Teams will play each other in the regular season, and then the league will be split into a Div 1 and Div 2 playoff format based on the final regular season standings.

Summer Intramural Program

Only the summer intramural program is open to all summer membership holders of the RAWC! We're introducing brand new summer programming in 2018. All individuals interested in playing in one of the summer tournaments should stop by the Program Office in the RAWC.

What About Alumni?

UTM Alumni can play if they have purchased an Athletic Membership. New this year, Alumni are permitted in all leagues or tournaments and there is a maximum of 2 alumni allowed per intramural team in all intramural sports.

Students who want to play, but can not attend the Team Entry Meeting, can go to the Program Office, Room 060 in the RAWC, to put their name on the Free Agent List for that League. In some sports, there is more than one division offered to accommodate various skill levels.

Are there leadership opportunities in the Campus Rec Program?

All Campus Rec Leagues are run by student commissioners and timers and scorers. Stop by the Program Office if you have any questions about the Campus Rec Program at UTM or if you are interested check out our employment page.

How do I become an official in the Campus Rec Program?

You want to be an official, then we want you!  Click here for more info on how you can become a referee/official in one or more of our exciting Campus Rec leagues.  

Stop by the Program Office if you have any questions about the Campus Rec Program or for more info contact Cameron Walker.