Tri-Campus Intramurals

Women's Hockey
Indoor Ultimate

The U of T Intramural Program is for current UTM students only. Teams will represent UTM in different sports leagues in the U of T Intramural Program. The Program is administered by the St. George Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education along with the Recreation & Athletic Departments at UTM and UTSC (Scarborough). 

In the U of T Intramural Leagues, UTM Teams will compete against other College and Faculties intramural athletes within U of T. Players must be willing to travel to the St. George campus for all league games, transportation by bus is usually provided. These are not Varsity Teams and you will be playing against other similarly skilled U of T students in intramural action.  

There is no additional athlete fee to participate, but students selected for a team may be required to purchase jerseys.

Interested in Playing?

All students interested in playing for UTM are encouraged to come to the tryouts - beginners are always welcome and encouraged to attend. In fact, many of our women's lacrosse & field hockey players had not played prior to university. 

If you have played at your high school or in a community league, then we need you to play for UTM. Be sure to get out to a tryout.  Every player can make a difference to our teams.

Get out to one of the tryout sessions and get in the game! We need you!! If you are unable to make any of the tryout sessions but would like to participate, please contact Sonia Carreiro (905) 569-4607 or

If you are interested in a more competitive league or are looking for more sports leagues, we have the Tri-Campus Development Leagues.