Student Group Rentals

Space Booking Request

UTM recognized student clubs and groups who wish to book space at the RAWC are to complete the webform below. DRAW reviews booking requests individually and as a collective in order to allocate space reasonably and fairly amongst all student clubs/groups. We will respond to all booking requests no later than two (2) weeks following the due date listed per term. Please note that completing the webform is not an official booking. Requests made after the due date, will be processed based on remaining availability. Requests must be received once per term based on the schedule below.

Student Clubs/ Groups are required to meet the following criteria in order to request “free” rental space:

  • Have current recognition by Ulife.*NEW - Required for all booking requests beginning January 1, 2020*
  • Provide an explanation as to how the club/group enhances the student’s University experience.
  • Gives back to the DRAW.
  • No admission or program fee is charged to students to participate in the activity.
  • Participation in the activity is open to all UofT students.
  • Verify that the students participating in the activity are registered UofT students only.
  • Outside coaches/instructors must hold a current RAWC membership or purchase a day pass while in the facility.

If the club/group does not meet these criteria for the duration of their booking request, then the club/group will be subject to a rental fee, as disclosed on the DRAW rentals webpage.

Request Due Dates

Term Dates Request Due
Fall 2019 September - December 2019 September 6, 2019
Winter 2020 January - April 2020 December 6, 2019
Spring/Summer 2020 May - August 2020 March 23, 2020

Tentative Space Availability 

Space listed in this chart is generally available for clubs/groups to book, however availability may change at any time. Note: Requests may be made for a maximum booking time of 2-hours unless otherwise noted.

Term DRAW Space








Winter 2020

Dance Studio












9a-11a, 1p-8p
Winter 2020

Multi-Purpose A

9a-8p Availability Varies  9a-8p
Winter 2020

Multi-Purpose B

9a-8p Availability Varies  9a-8p
Winter 2020

Gym C

N/A 7a-11a 7a-10a 7a-10a 7a-11a 7a-5p 9a-8p
Winter 2020

Squash Courts

(1-hour max)

9a-8p 7a-11p 7a-11p 7a-11p 7a-11p 7a-11p 9a-8p

N/A = Not Available

*Friday-Sunday availability may be impacted by special events/home games. Clubs/ Groups will be notified at least two (2) weeks in advance of any event/game impacting their booking.

*Required field*

Please provide the club president/group leader's email address. All correspondence will be completed via this email only (, or email address only).
Is your club currently recognized by Ulife? Important Note: Only clubs recognized by Ulife will be allowed to book space within the RAWC via this method. All other bookings must be completed as a rental (see rental page for details).
Briefly (2-4 sentences) describe the club/group goals and objectives.
Briefly 2-4 sentences) describe how your club/group will enhance the student experience and provide leadership opportunities for students.
Does your club require a certified instructor?
If you answered YES, how does your club/group plan on certifying these individuals?
Briefly (2-4 sentences) describe the leadership of your club/group, who will ensure booking stipulations are fulfilled? If this person is not the club president/group leader, provide email & phone contact information.
Please describe how you feel the University and/or Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness would benefit from you club/group having exclusive access to the space requested. Examples may include participation/club showcase at DRAW/DRAW affiliated events, games etc.
Please outline your request for space and time. (Example: Mondays, RAWC Dance Studio, 6-7pm)
Please list all DRAW equipment (including audio equipment) required for your booking request.
Please indicate if participants are required to pay to participate in this activity. This includes if club membership is required and a membership fee is charged.
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