Virtual Fitness Specialist Profiles

Meet our UTM Virtual Fitness Specialists

Cindy headshot


Get to know me: Since March 2020, all of us have been forced to adapt and change as the world took on COVID19. Fitness and exercise have helped me maintain some semblance of normalcy in my life. I look forward to teaching fitness classes, connecting with students and working with clients to see positive changes in their lives. For fun, I have been doing 30 day challenges with family and friends to stay connected, maintain everyones motivation and keep us all moving forward!

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Hiro trainer image


Get to know me: COVID19 has thrown many of us into chaos and uncertainty. Like most people, I have been forced to adapt and focus on the things I have control over: my body, my mind and my health. That is what keeps me motivated to be creative and seek out ways to stay active during this pandemic. Whether it is a jog around the block or a bodyweight workout at home, you can count on me to be on the move!

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Darren Turner, Personal Trainer


Get to know me: Training from home has reminded us that we do not need a big fancy gym to be healthy, stay fit and get a great workout.... It just takes a bit of creativity. I have tried to use this time as an opportunity to challenge myself in new ways, learn new skills and spend more time in the great outdoors. Lets get moving!

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Get to know me: Although many of us do not currently have access to traditional fitness spaces, I view this as a challenge to find new ways of staying active and focus on being both physically and mentally well! No matter what the day brings, I keep myself accountable by staying active in some way.

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