U of T Varsity Blues

Who are the Varsity Blues?

U of T's intercollegiate program is one of the largest in Canada, with 44 men's and women's teams in 26 sports, including basketball, football, hockey, soccer and volleyball. Hundreds of athletes wearing the blue and white represent U of T locally, nationally and internationally.

As students of the University of Toronto, all UTM athletes are welcome to try-out for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues teams. More information on the Varsity Blues program can be found at varsityblues.ca. The Varsity Blues program is administered from the St. George campus by the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education.

For a complete list of varsity coach information, please visit varsityblues.ca/staff.aspx

Note: Any UTM student who participates in one or more U of T Varsity Blues tryouts for badminton, basketball, cross country, or soccer, will then be ineligible for participation on the UTM OCAA Varsity teams for one calendar year.  UTM student athletes cannot tryout for the Varsity Blues and then tryout for the UTM Eagles in that same calendar year.  

For more info on this rule and the UTM Eagles OCAA Varsity Program, please contact the Program Office or contact Jack Krist, Varsity Program Administrator at j.krist@utoronto.ca.