Eagles Workout Buddies

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At UTM Athletics, we know that it can be easier to workout with a buddy, but it’s not always easy to find someone to workout with. Through Eagles Workout Buddies, we want to take the sweat out of finding a partner so that you can put it into working out.

Eagles Workout Buddies is a women’s only pilot program designed for UTM students to easily find like-minded peers to help achieve their fitness goals. Whether you are looking for an intense training partner or new to working out, Eagles Workout Buddies is for people of all fitness levels. 

To get started, sign up using the Workout Buddies online form (below).  Depending on the information submitted, participants are matched with a buddy of a compatible schedule, fitness level, and set of interests. UTM Athletics then helps to facilitate the first meeting between buddies to discuss workout plans. From there, buddies are all set to workout together and meet their fitness goals!

Become an Eagles Workout Buddy today!

NOTE: Eagles Workout Buddies will be launching January 2018

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