Running program


Take advantage of the warm summer weather by running outside! UTM Athletics is launching RunUTM - a virtual 6-week summer running program starting Tuesday July 7, 2020.

Each week, we will share a simple progressive running program aimed at increasing the distance and speed of your running. For those new to running, the program begins with more walking than running, gradually building over 6-weeks to 5km. For those more experienced, we include programming and ideas to improve your running, including proper form and stretches for runners.

The RunUTM program also includes twice-weekly Zoom facilitated group check-ins where we will review the training plan and discuss a running topic. Group check-ins are optional and will be held Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8:30am.

Weekly topics include:

  • July 7 - Setting a SMART Running Goal 
  • July 9 - Dynamic Warm-ups for Running
  • July 14 - Injury Prevention
  • July 16 - Stretching for Runners
  • July 21 - Proper Running Form
  • July 23 - Best Foods for Fueling Your Runs
  • July 28 - Cross Training & Conditioning
  • July 30 - Health Benefits of Running
  • Aug 4 - Principals of Aerobic Conditioning
  • Aug 6 - Hot Weather Running (Hydration)
  • Aug 11 - Recovery for Runners
  • Aug 13 - Complete 5KM…What’s Next!

Individual Coaching: Need some additional support, or you cannot attend the group check-ins? Individual coaching and personal support is also available throughout the 6-week program. Please contact if interested. 


To register for RunUTM, complete the following steps:

The RunUTM program is available to all UofT summer incidental fee-paying students at no additional cost. For all others, this program is included as a part of the UTM Virtual Summer Membership.