Online Group Fitness - Class Descriptions

Total Body Burn *NEW*

This class will take you through various bodyweight exercises to target the muscles of your lower body, upper body and core all in one session. There will also be a 10-minute cool down at the end to relax and stretch the muscles focused on during the workout. Join us for a fun workout, while progressively improving your overall strength! 

All fitness levels welcome.



Yogilates blends the movements and postures of yoga with the core-focused exercises of Pilates, incorporating strength, flexibility and relaxation techniques into one 45-minute class.   

All fitness levels welcome.

Bodyweight 360

No Equipment. No Problem…this 45-minute, full-body workout will increase your muscular fitness while improving your agility, balance, and mobility using nothing but your own bodyweight.

All fitness levels welcome.

Glutes, Core & More

A quick moving fitness class that offers the benefits of Pilates inspired training with an emphasis on the powerhouse muscles of the glutes and hips, abdominals and lower back. Join us and get some strength back in your glutes and core! 

All fitness levels welcome.


Cardio Core *NEW*

Join us for a heart pumping and ab shredding workout! The circuits in this class will focus on exercises that target the different muscles in the core, while elevating the heart rate with cardiovascular endurance exercises. This powerful fusion class will help you get in shape with minimal equipment and space. Get ready to sweat!

All fitness levels welcome.



Join us in this High Intensity Interval Training class (H.I.I.T.) emphasizing plyometric movements to build cardiovascular stamina, muscular endurance and power!  

All fitness levels welcome.

Boot Camp

Through a combination of stations, circuits, and intervals, build your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and core strength using body weight exercises and common items from around your home. 

All fitness levels welcome.


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