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Men's Hockey DL
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Men's Volleyball DL
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Recreational Sports offered at UTM

Tri-Campus Development League

The Tri-Campus Development League (DLeague) offers athletes a heightened level of sports competition, competing against teams representing the other University of Toronto campuses. 

Tri-Campus Intramurals

UTM Students represent the campus in different sports leagues and tournaments in the University of Toronto Intramural Program competing across all of the divisions of U of T.

UTM Intramurals

UTM students are able to create teams and compete against each other in a league based format. There are over 32 divisions of sports available for students to join. 


The Extramural Program is an extension Intramural Programs that involves UTM student-athletes competing against OCAA intramural teams in numerous tournaments.

Drop-In Casual Rec

No standings, no stats, no commitment. Just show up and swipe your student/membership card at the RAWC Control Counter and join in the fun!