Martial Arts

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Aikido, a traditional Japanese martial art, relies on circular movements to redirect an attacker’s force and take their balance.  Aikido employs throws, joint locks, and strikes.  Renshinkai Aikido, the style practiced here, is known for its sharp, precise movements and effective self-defence techniques.  By training proper form, superior position, and circular movement, the student learns the technique which is effective against larger and stronger opponents.  New students are always welcome!


Judo develops stamina, speed and power and can be enjoyed by anyone.  Judo is a combination of throws and hold-downs.  An added feature of this program is the self-defence component.  This class is for participants of all levels and newcomers are encouraged to join.  Uniforms can be rented at the class from the instructors.

Tai Chi

Please check the drop-in schedule for Tai-Chi dates/times.

Tai chi is a sequence of slow natural movements specially designed to improve one’s health by reducing body tension, improving circulation and breathing, and calming the mind.  Though usually practiced in slow motion, Tai Chi is, in fact, a martial art whose self-defence postures act to improve one’s reflexes, coordination and ability to use the whole body.  Classic Yeung’s style Tai chi has 88 movements.  We will concentrate on different groups of movements for each of the terms.  The groups of movements for this term can be seen by clicking here.