canfitpro PTS Course Description

The Personal Training Specialist Course

The Personal Training Specialist Course is a comprehensive in-class and online course designed to increase your knowledge and confidence level to train clients in a one-on-one or small group (two to three people) setting. The course consists of online and in-class learning. The online course has been developed to provide an excellent online learning experience covering topics such as anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology. The comprehensive in-class course covers a wide range of topics preparing you for the exams and the career of a personal trainer!

These courses combine to position the canfitpro PTS as the premier personal training certification in Canada.

Topics include:

  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Fitness theory: skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
  • Components of a workout from warm-up, cardiovascular and resistance training to cool-down
  • Kinesiology/anatomy in action and bioenergetics
  • Nutritional counseling and weight management
  • Screening and assessment of new clients
  • Business skills for success as a personal trainer

The Personal Training Specialist Course Manual

The course manual, Foundations of Professional Personal Training, was published in 2008 by Human Kinetics Publishing Inc. was written by renowned fitness authors including Dr. Greg Anderson, Mike Bates, Terry Kane and Rod MacDonald. Topics covered both in the manual and in the course include: aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles, exercise physiology and bioenergetics, skeletal and muscle anatomy, the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, the components of an effective training program, kinesiology/anatomy in action, injuries, nutritional counseling and weight management, as well as expanded sections on fitness assessment, program design, and the business and psychology of personal training.

The course manual, Foundations of Professional Personal Training, includes the Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy CD-ROM by Primal Pictures. This interactive CD-ROM includes full 3-D animations to demonstrate structure, function and biomechanics of the bones and joints of the body.

Highlights of the Essentials of Interactive Functional Anatomy include:

  • 11 layers can be removed to view the various muscles and attachments throughout the body
  • 34 animations show muscle and joint function
  • 360 degrees of rotation to view the body at all angles
  • More than 300 pages of text detailing the anatomy of the body

The Study Guide for Foundations of Professional Personal Training has been developed as a tool to help participants review the information and prepare to pass the written and practical exams. Complete with questions, answers, charts and graphs this tool is a must for exam candidates.

The Personal Training Specialist Exam

We recommend that candidates attempt the exam approximately four to six weeks after taking the course. This time frame is recommended in order to allow candidates to properly prepare for the exam. Those who choose the option to progress and become a certified Personal Training Specialist will complete a theory and a practical exam. These two components assess the candidate's knowledge, counseling skills, and practical application of fitness theory to train clients. The theory exam consists of multiple choice questions, plus a written client case study. The practical exam is an actual workout with a client that is evaluated by your PRO TRAINER.

A Certified Personal Training Specialist Provides:

  • An effective workout based on the needs of each individual client
  • Correct demonstration and education in exercise technique
  • A safe, healthy and enjoyable client exercise environment
  • Client encouragement to pursue a happy and balanced lifestyle
  • Client communication that is genuine, honest and professional
  • Support and encouragement for all exercisers

Personal Training is a fast growing industry!

Personal Training is a relatively new profession, and because of its rapid growth, it can be difficult to find the best course of action to become qualified to train individuals. canfitpro provides the answer with the Personal Training Specialist course and exam. You will learn the skills needed to train a client without special health concerns. A canfitpro certified PTS is qualified to evaluate, design and monitor individual and small group training programs in a health club, home and workplace setting.

Canada’s leading personal training certification designation, the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) program provides comprehensive program content and a wide range of practical skills that will ensure success to those who hold the designation. canfitpro has collaborated with Human Kinetics Publishing Inc. to create a multimedia learning experience for personal trainers!