Donna- RAWC Personal Trainer

Donna loves to work with people who are at the initial stage of becoming active, those established in regular physical activity and those in need of a change and  even athletes looking to improve their sport. Her approach is to work with clients to set them up for success through progressive loading taking into consideration age, ability, availability and interests. Donna believes that "anything is possible if you plan, are persistent, have patience and are resourceful." 

To set up your next appointment with Donna, please email us at:

Areas of Expertise

  • Training adults who are keen on leading an active liftestyle and developing regular cardiovascular programs whether through walking, swimming or running
  • Training beginner to intermediate triathletes of all ages (swimming, cycling, running)
  • Strength training and conditioning for adults whether they are at beginner or intermediate levels of fitness.


  • CPTN- Personal Trainer
  • Community Triathlon Coach, Ontario Association of Triathletes