2019 Spring/Summer Routes

Aug. 27 Bugs on the UTM Campus- Led by Professor Darryl Gwynne

Learn about the variety of insects and their place on the UTM campus. This walk is in collaboration with the Department of Biology.- rescheduled due to poor weather.

Aug. 20 Exam Break: De-Stress Walk- Led by Nikki Robichaud

Come out for a de-stressing walk and connect with friends. Experience all that nature has to offer our senses and enjoy your break-time outdoors.

Aug. 13 Summer Seasonal Eating and Mindful Eating Habits

Join in the discussion of seasonal nutritious foods that are readily available from ground and garden to table. De-bunk thought distortions that can keep you in the circle of negative eating habits and break out of this ongoing cycle to achieve optimal nutrition and nourishment for your body and mind!

Aug.6 Mindfulness Walk- Led by Madeline Keogh

Explore the meaning of mindfulness on this walk. Learn simple mindfulness techniques that you can take with you to access any time of day in any setting.

July 30 Posture and Gait Analysis- Led by Cindy MacDonald

Stop Slouching! Too often we are stuck sitting at our desk, driving or bent over which can lead to a variety of repetitive strain injuries. Learn what proper posture and gait are and some simple cues you can use to improve yours. 

July 23 Life Hack-  How to Sneak in a Workout!- Led by Cindy Macdonald

Learn the many ways you can sneak exercise back into your daily life to keep your metabolism working for longer. Experience a series of one-minute workouts to stretch and move while at your desk to help meet your recommended daily movement.

July 16 Noticing Nature- Led by Professor Alexandra Gillespie

Take a walk around UTM's vibrant greenspace to notice the variety of species – from amphibians to lichens to wildflower – found on our beautiful campus. 

July 9 Yoga Hike- Led by Nikki Robichaud

Learn the basic principles of yoga and how you can implement them into your daily life or on a walk! (includes silent five-minute mindful meditation)  

July 2 10,000 Steps- An All or Nothing Mentality?- Led by Nikki Robichaud

Understand the principles and benefits walking movement has on your body, metabolism and longevity. Set a realistic goal of achieving steps that will lead you to a healthier version of yourself and learn ways to sneak in extra steps.

June 25, 2019 -Bird Watching - Led by Professor Sanja Hinic-Frlog

Learn about the variety of birds that call the UTM campus home. Learn to recognize the unique song of different birds and much more!

June 18, 2019 -Nature Walk - Led by Mariana Rivera and Cat Criger 

A walk and talk that shares some Indigenous philosophies touching on moving into the upcoming season. Some thoughts on self-guidance in our personal roles and goals as seasons change. There will be a brief smudging ceremony.

June 11, 2019 - Eating Seasonally & Locally - Led by Nikki Robichaud

Understand the principles and benefits of nutritional variety by incorporating seasonal and local foods into your diet. Learn how the 'overwhelm' of processed foods can impact your physiological system and how to eat more wholesome foods for a happier and healthier you. Nutritious snacks will be offered

June 4, 2019 - Nature Walk - Led by Professor Marc Johnson

Join us for an exploration of butterflies, birds and botany on the surrounding campus areas. Please note this walk is scheduled for 90 minutes. Leave the walk at any time if needed.

May 28, 2019 - Mindfulness Walk - Led by Madeline Keogh

Explore the meaning of mindfulness on this walk. Learn simple mindfulness techniques that you can take with you to access any time of day in any setting.

May 21, 2019 - Seeing in Detail: Unconventional Nature - Led by Professor Dave Mazierski

Please join us for a photography walk highlighting the beauty of UTM's surrounding landscape. We will explore different ideas for photos based on interest and learn some helpful techniques to capture your best shot.

May 14, 2019 - Social Media- Led by Professor Anna Lomanowska

Curious about managing your digital device use in a healthy way? Come out to learn some healthy habits that will allow you to manage how you plug into your devices in a positive manner.

May 7, 2019 - Bring  Your Dog - Walk!  

Bring your friendly furry guests for a walk around campus that will be sure to be full of laughs and joy. All dogs must be on a leash. Doggy treats will be served!  Please meet outside the RAWC lobby.