Wellness Routes

Wellness Routes 2019

Tuesdays 12-1pm - RAWC Entrance - Rain or shine, dress for the weather

Wellness Routes is a program aimed to engage students, staff and faculty in activities that promote well-being and resiliency. By walking through campus and the surrounding areas, participants will learn the impact of physical health on mental health and wellbeing. 

January 8th  Find Motivation and Set your Goal for 2019 - Led by Nikki Robichaud 

The New Year means a New You!  Are you motivated to reach your fitness/wellness goals?  Whatever they may be, join us on this walk where we will talk about the importance of defining goals for motivation using the SMART principles, or refining if you already have one.  

January 15th Healthy Eating for the New You! - Led by Cindy MacDonald

Healthy nutrition is a great self-care practice when we understand how the food we eat impacts our bodies and minds.   Learn about the 2019 Superfoods and how you can add them to your diet as well as some new recipes.  Have a great ‘Go-To’ healthy recipe? Bring it along to share with other participants.

January 22nd  What do I do (or can do) for Self-Care - Led by Ravinder Gabble

For many of us, self-care can sometimes feel like another commitment on top of everything else we have going on. During this walk, we will talk about how you build a self-care plan that works for you and your busy schedule. Participants will start with a reflection of their current daily choices relating to health and wellness; what changes they would like to make, and finally, how to integrate simple, effective self-care ‘moments’ into their daily routines.

January 29th Mindful Meditation to Beat Stress- Led by Cristina Domingues

Come and enjoy the benefits from a walking meditation.  This active style of meditation is great for those of us that have a hard time ‘turning off’ our monkey mind!  Take mindfulness skills with you to practice anywhere, at any time to help manage stress and promote relaxation.

April 2nd, 2019 will be the final walk of the semester. Thank you to all who attend!