Yoga Classes

Mind & Body Classes

Relax & Renew Hatha

Relax your mind and tone your body.  This class will teach you basic yoga postures to develop flexibility, as well as guided meditation and relaxation practices to promote wellness and quality of life.


Achieve a balanced and toned body with the ultimate core fitness workout! Incorporate Pilate’s postures with traditional core exercises to help improve posture, strength, and range of motion. Rejuvenate your workout with a focus on your breathing and find those deep core muscles in the abdomen that surround the spine.

Tai Chi 8

This class offers soft-style martial arts, meditation and graceful form of flowing movement focusing on 8 movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form. If you’re looking to improve your balance and stability, flexibility, strength and mindfulness, this class if for you!


Yogilates blends the movements and postures of yoga with the core-focused exercises of Pilates. It is a modern form of fitness instruction incorporating strength, flexibility, and relaxation techniques into one 50-minute class.

Hatha Yoga

Relax your mind and tone your body. Building strength, flexibility and body awareness, this progressive class will teach you the basic yoga postures and relaxation exercises.

Rest & Restore Yoga

Restoration yoga is a gentle, passive stretch that allows a balance between mind, body and breath including guided breathing and relaxation. Postures are held up to 10 minutes each, allowing a deeper level of relaxation and flexibility. Leave feeling relaxed focused and rejuvenated.

Power Yoga

A workout that offers strength, flexibility and mental focus (based on Ashtanga/Vinyasa style yoga). Pump up your heart by moving through active and passive postures in a fluid and faster pace than traditional Hatha style yoga. Sequencing and class pace varies by instructor.