Aquatic Drop-in Fitness & Recreation

AquaFit Class with Recreational Lane Swimming
Aquatic fitness participant
AquaFit Instructor teaching a class

Aquatic Drop-in Fitness & Recreation Classes

Our Aquatic Aquatic Drop-in Fitness & Recreation Program is included in all community and student memberships. All Fitness classes are offered on a drop-in, "first come, first serve" basis. Class sizes will vary according to facility, equipment required, and class type. Check out the Aqua Dance and Aqua Fit classes in our Aquatic Drop-in Fitness & Recreation Schedule. For more details on Aquatic Drop-in Fitness & Recreation activities, check out our Fitness section.

Aqua Fit

Is a full and challenging low impact fitness class designed for the pool using the resistance of the water. Join us for intervals of cardio, strength, core and flexibility using the water belts, aqua weights, and noodles.

Aqua Dance

Is a low impact, high-energy aquatic dance/exercise class in the pool that offers easy-to-follow choreography with water resistance.  Cardio Dance offers inspiring Latin and International music to help you find your grove in the water!!