Students / Alumni

Student Memberships

Registered UTM Students
Membership to the RAWC is automatic for all registered students. Your incidental (Athletic) fee paid as part of your registration with the University of Toronto entitles you to an all-inclusive membership that enables you to use our entire facility and take part in all of our programs. Registered UTM students also have privileges at the athletic facilities at St. George, Scarborough Campus (UTSC) and Hart House.  
Non-registered UofT Students (Undergraduate/Graduate) Term Monthly
UTM students who are not registered in classes (e.g. over summer) but who which to continue to participate in fitness activities. Proof of registration in the previous term required. $204 $55
Type Details Four months Annual 12 Equal Payments

Non-UofT Students

Available to students from other post-secondary institutions and high school students who meet age requirements (18+). Students must provide a valid student card and a fees invoice or timetable with their name included.   $204 $595 $55

UofT Students Family *NEW

Available to family members (18+) of registered UofT students. Proof of age and confirmation of relationship is required for students' parent(s)/guardians and siblings. $224 $595 $55

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Alumni Membership

UofT Alumni Four Months Annual

12 Equal Payments

Proof of status such as alumni card or copy of degree is required.   $224 $595 $55

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