2018-19 Athletic Awards Recipients


The 53rd Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony at UTM recognizes the achievements and celebrates the success of its student-athletes, coaches and leaders across the campus!

Here is a list of the 2018-19 UTM Athletic Award Recipients:

Referees of the Year

Jacob Abrams and Noor Aldoori

Varsity Most Valuable Players

Varsity MVPs

Badminton - Gary Tin and Rachel Wong
Men's and Women's Basketball - Gregory and Jade Addai
Cross Country - Sophie Glanz and Kale Heino
Men's and Women's Outdoor Soccer - Breana Silva and Andre Pinto
Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer - Kayla Rice and Damian Koscielniak

Development League Most Valuable Players

D-League MVP

Women's Basketball - Sarah-May Edwardo- Oldfield
Men's Hockey - Ian Kitt
Men's and Women's Outdoor Soccer - Annela Tchouadep and Markian Krencil
Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer - Emily Paiva and Thomas Verdier
Men's and Women's Volleyball - Jessica Maltese and Sean Leschak-Klugman

U of T Intramurals Most Valuable Players 

Tri-Campus MVP

Ultimate Frisbee - Nick Lowe and Fatima Khalid
Men's Basketball - Nikolas Kilik
Men's Cricket - Moksh Pachisia
Women's Field Hockey - Lauren Quero
Men's and Women's Flag Football - Alexander Hornby and Amber Shaffer
Women's Hockey - Serena Andrade
Lacrosse - Sofia Winter

Olympic Weightlifting Most Valuable Player

Christopher Di Pietranotonio

UTM Fair Play Award

Gabriel Boily-Porter, Jiana Alnajjar, Rebecca Wong

UTM Student Leadership Award

student leader award recipients

 Ashley Beckles, Rachel DeSa and Philip Power

Cynthia E. Haddow Memorial Award

Annela Tchouadep


OCAA All Academic Award Winners

OCAA All-Academic Award Winners

Badminton- Shiv Puri, Rachel Wong,

Cross-Country- Gabriel Boily-Porter, Kale Heino, Jerusha Colucci

Men's and Women's Basketball- Scott Ford, Trisha-An Vo

Men's and Women's Soccer- Aaron Peters, Andrey Volkov, Sanjar Kairosh, Azza Adhoum, Breana Silva, Julia Krizan, Isabela Charum, Sabrina Longo, Bobbi Alvernaz, Vanessa Cesario

Academic Excellence Award

Breanna Silva and Kale Heino

Golden Eagle Award


Golden Eagle Award

Nikolas Kilik, Sarah-May Edwardo-Oldfield, Sean Leschak-Klugman and Haseeb Malik

Alice H. Pearson - Intramural Athlete of the Year

Jessica Maltese and Nikolas Kilik

Rookies of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Female - Janella Viado
Male - Jamari Whyte

Varsity Athletes of the Year

Rachel Wong and Kale Heino


James J. Rae - Female Athlete of the Year 

James J. Rae Recipient- Sarah-May Edwardo-Oldfield

Sarah-May Edwardo- Oldfield

J Tuzo Wilson - Male Athlete of the Year

J. Tuzo Wilson Recipient- Haseeb Malik

Haseeb Malik

Coaches of the Year

Coaches of the Year

Tri-Campus Women's Ice-Hockey- Jasmine Sheehan  

Varsity Badminton - Lam Trinh and Jessica Dacquel