2017-18 Athletic Award Recipients


The 51st Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony at UTM recognized the achievements and celebrated the success of its student-athletes, coaches and leaders across the campus!

Here is a list of the 2017-18 UTM Athletic Award Recipients:

Referees of the Year

Ebenezer Ikhile, Haseeb Malik, and Noor Aldoori

Varsity Most Valuable Players

Varsity MVPs

Badminton - Gary Tin and Holly Wong
Men's and Women's Basketball - Zamam Khan and Jade Addai
Cross Country - Sophie Glanz and Kale Heino
Men's and Women's Outdoor Soccer - Breana Silva and Ebenezer Ikhile
Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer - Noor Aldoori and Adam Czerkawski

Development League Most Valuable Players

D-League MVP

Women's Basketball - Kaitlin Mendoza
Men's Hockey - Arlen Dancziger
Men's and Women's Outdoor Soccer - Annela Tchouadep and Mohammad Golmakani
Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer - Juhi Macwan and Nafiu Mohammed
Men's and Women's Volleyball - Madeline Myers and Adam Penkul

U of T Intramurals Most Valuable Players 

U of T Intramural MVPs

Ultimate Frisbee - Mitchell Bonney and Penelope Ho
Indoor Ultimate - Mitchell Bonney and Jessie Chui
Men's Basketball - Yahya Masri
Men's Cricket - Vishal Bezawada
Women's Field Hockey - Tiffany Cheung
Men's and Women's Flag Football - Elaiza Ibanez and Fateh Hayer
Women's Hockey - Joey Ness and Rachel Carvalho
Lacrosse - Ololade Falaye

Olympic Weightlifting Most Valuable Player

Momina Dar

UTM Fair Play Award

Kanika Kaushik and Adam Czerkawski

UTM Student Leadership Award

Student Leadership Award Winners

Holly Wong, Adesola Adesina, Ashley Beckles, Andrew Williams, Haseeb Malik, Ebenezer Ihkhlie, Danica Post and Noor Aldoori

Cynthia E. Haddow Memorial Award

Stephanie Nevison

Ken Duncliffee Award of Distinction 

Danica Post and Ebenezer Ikhile

OCAA All Academic Award Winners

OCAA Academic Excellence Award Winners

Rachel Wong, Jerusha Colucci, Ingrid Andrea Ortiz, Kanika Kaushik, Aaron Peters, Ebenezer Ikhile, Markian Krencil, Andrey Volkov, Azza Adhoum and Danica Post

Alice H. Pearson - Intramural Athlete of the Year

Holly Wong

Rookies of the Year

Rookies of the Year

Female - Rachel Wong
Male - Kyle Boorman 

James J. Rae - Female Athlete of the Year 

Female Athlete of the Year

Jayde Ford

J Tuzo Wilson - Male Athlete of the Year

Male Athlete of the Year

Ebenezer Ikhile

Coaches of the Year

Coaches of the Year

Varsity Badminton - Lam Trinh and Jessica Dacquel
Varsity Cross Country - Adam Hassen and Samuel Dumcum
Varsity Men's Soccer - Giovanni McDonald and Corey Baker


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