The Elements of Academic Reading Workshop

Reading academic articles is never going to be as much fun as reading Harry Potter, but it is an essential part of your university career and even beyond. So it makes sense to develop your critical reading skills, both so you can read faster and more efficiently, and (even more important) so you can get more out of the material you read by understanding its broader research context, being able to critique its arguments and counter-arguments, and being able to perceive (and critique) how authors build up and present these arguments. This workshop series will help you to become a quicker, more efficient, and more discerning reader—and since reading and writing are intimately linked, it will also help you become a better academic writer yourself.

Description: Participants completed a series of interactive training modules that provided them with a core set of critical reading skills and knowledge of reading strategies that enabled them to enhance their understanding, retention, and critical assimilation of scholarly articles in their fields of study.

Total Number of Hours: 21-40

What is required: Participants must attend each of the six modules, topics listed below; these modules are offered in both Fall and Winter terms, and participants can attend modules in either term. The modules comprise 12 hours of instruction, and the participants must complete 5 of the 6 homework assignments (1 for each of the modules) and a Reflective Writing Assignment. The 5 required homework assignments and the Reflective Writing Assignment will take a minimum of 11 hours to complete. Global commentary on each of the homework assignments will be provided.

Time Frame: All 6 modules are offered once each in both Fall and Winter terms.

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Module topics:


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