Workshops & Certificates for TA Professional Development

We work in partnership with the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP), a tri-campus peer-to-peer training program for any student working as a TA at the University of Toronto.

TATP Workshops at UTM


TA at chalkboard

These workshops focus on specialized aspects of:

  • classroom teaching;
  • teaching preparation;
  • employment training; and
  • professional development for TAs.

Delivery format:

  • Hosted by the RGASC on the UTM campus
  • Run during the Fall and Winter terms
  • Workshops are normally three hours long

Who is eligible to attend TATP workshops at UTM?

  • Graduate and undergraduate students employed as Teaching Assistants at the University of Toronto are eligible to attend TATP workshops.

Schedule and registration:

Sample of past workshops held at UTM:

  • The Multilingual Classroom: Cultivating a Multilingual Teaching Team and Learning Community
  • Good Questions, Better Discussions: How to Design and Facilitate Effective Classroom Discussions
  • Between Myth and Reality: Teaching Presence in Higher Education
  • Presentation Skills for Instructors and Teaching Assistants
  • Teaching Creative Problem Solving Skills: An Experiential Workshop
  • After your Teaching Assistantship: Professional Development, Transferable Skills and Teaching Portfolios

TATP Certificate Programs

TATP workshop attendance may count towards completion of a TATP certificate. Learn more about the benefits of certification: