Students on Academic Probation or Suspension

A primary way that we support students on academic probation or suspension is through our Promoting Academic Skills for Success (PASS) program.

The PASS program provides dedicated support to academically 'at risk' students (e.g., students on academic probation or suspension). The program’s ultimate goal is to rebuild students’ motivation, model successful behaviors and raise students’ self-awareness (i.e., to build students’ resilience).

The PASS Program comprises a seven-week course (non-credit-bearing) in one term followed by individualized monitoring and support in the subsequent term. Each week of the course includes the following:

  • a two-hour “class meeting” focusing on foundational academic skills (listening, note-taking, reading, writing, problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills)
  • a PASS Facilitated Study Group providing students with an opportunity to practice the skills introduced in the preceding class
  • reflective writing exercises

In addition, all PASS participants are required to attend both an intake and exit interview and a one-on-one consultation with a writing specialist to discuss their post-PASS writing assessment. Visit our PASS Program page for more information.

If you are on academic probation or suspension and you'd like to book an appointment at the RGASC, please call us at 905-828-3858, or send an email to