RGASC Art Competition Winners

2020 Winner - Helen Wu

Congratulations to Helen Wu for her winning entry in the 1st Annual RGASC Art Competition: Re-framing Teaching & Learning Support.

Artwork by Helen WuHelen's artist statement:

"My piece is about showing the academic growth in our UTM community by representing the different disciplines and departments on campus. I use concrete objects such as papers, writing tools, and books to show RGASC supports a diverse group of learners in our community. The beanstalk is the main component of this painting and it represents the progress and growth of students when they visit the RGASC and receive academic mentoring. I chose a bean plant since beans grow in all sorts of living conditions- yet they always strive to keep growing. This is an analogy for students at UTM since everybody has varying learning circumstances. But when students visit the RGASC, they can always feel supported. "