Navigating WCONLINE Zoom for Students - Step By Step Guide

Navigating WCONLINE Zoom for Students - Step By Step Guide Tipsheet (With Images) PDF

1. Click on your appointment time block, highlighted in gold. This will open a new window with your appointment information.

2. In your appointment window, click on "Start or Join Online Consultation" to begin your Zoom meeting with the Writing Instructor. This will open Zoom either in the browser or the desktop application.

Before launching the Online Consultation, please confirm that you have uploaded your document(s) to your appointment.

3. Once in the Zoom call, please wait for the Writing Instructor to allow you into the meeting.

4. In the Zoom call, you can Request Remote Control from the instructor. This feature allows both you and the instructor to make changes on your document. To Request Remote Control, select View Options > Request Remote Control.

5. A pop-up window will appear asking "Request remote control of the Instructor's screen?" Select Request.

6. Once you have been permitted control, both you and the Writing Instructor can make synchronous changes to your document(s). Click on the shared screen to start remote control. 


If you have any issues with connecting to your appointment, please email