High School Teacher Workshop for Computer Science and Mathematics

Every year, the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences and RGASC at UTM collaborate with Google’s Educator Professional Development Program to host a High School Teacher Workshop with computer science and mathematics teachers in the region.

We invite teachers to attend to learn how first-year computer science and mathematics courses at UTM have evolved to adapt to the changes in the local high school curriculum, and to share their insights and experience with Grade 11 and 12 computer science and mathematics courses.


Our aim is to create an on-going conversation between high school teachers and university faculty to better support and guide our students for success in their academic careers. 

Who Can Attend?

  • Grade 11 or 12 computer science teachers
  • Grade 11 or 12 mathematics teachers
  • department heads
  • guidance counsellors
  • secondary school principals

2018 Event: A Dialogue on CS and Math Education

The 2018 event took place at UTM on June 5 and 7. Activities focused on teaching strategies that could be brought into both high school and university classrooms, and our dialogue included the challenges and successes we experience when teaching our students.

All participants were entered into a draw on day one, and five participants received the new Turing Tumble board game. This game is ideal for anyone interested in learning how a computer works and the critical and logical skills involved in basic coding; it's a fun game that can be brought into the classroom!

Registration was free and included dinner, and parking was also free.

View the 2018 Itinerary.

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