Head Start – Pre-orientation Program

UTM Head Start

Do you want to learn proactive and strategic approaches to succeeding in first-year University?

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UTM Head Start is a series of FREE interactive sessions featuring senior student panels, course instructors and simulated classroom experiences designed to introduce you to university expectations.

Head Start Schedule

When does Head Start take place?

9am to 5pm on August 23 and August 24

9am to 12pm on August 25

What do I gain by attending?

Attending Head Start will help you:

  • Get yourself familiar with the differences between high school and university expectations before classes begin
  • Meet first-year instructors, librarians, and senior students and get tips on effective study skills
  • Explore the UTM Campus and familiarize yourself with our lecture halls, labs, and the university facilities

Our goals are to help you understand the keys to success, make a smooth transition into university, and develop the skills you need to enhance your academic performance.