First Year Students

Welcome to UTM! We're here to help all UTM students with academic skills enhancement. Don't wait to make use of our many free resources and services; start early and acquire skills that can help you succeed in your academic studies and beyond!

Start Here!

Book a Face-to-face Appointment for support with:

  • understanding your learning style and how to make it work for you;
  • developing study plans for upcoming tests and/or exams;
  • papers that you are currently writing.

Come to a Writing and Study Skills Drop-in Appointment if you have a specific question about an assignment.

Come to a Math Skills Drop-in Appointment for help with foundational math skills.

Attend a First Year Calculus Math Workshop to develop key skills and understand challenging concepts.

Explore our Online Resources. Topics include Writing, Study, Math and Note-taking Skills, and more.

Attend our Programs & Workshops. Topics include research training, academic reading and writing, first year calculus, English Language Learner support, and more.

Come to a Peer Facilitated Study Group. Many first-year UTM courses have dedicated study groups that meet weekly; we encourage you to attend!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

More Resources for First-year Students

The following websites feature useful resources for first-year students:

UTM Orientation & Transition offers supportive programming for new UTM students.

UTM New Students offers a a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your time at UTM.