Game-Enhanced Learning


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The use of board games as pedagogical tools offers a wide range of benefits. There have been a number of in-class experiments in applying this game-based approach at other institutions, and each of these attempts has suggested that students can acquire a deeper understanding of the core curriculum content, as well as experiencing an expansion in their motivation and level of engagement in the course through game-play. In addition, the introduction of games into the classroom facilitates the emergence of learning communities – collaborative networks built around the social space created by the board game.  These learning communities can also promote positive models for social engagement that in turn can boost resilience.

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Examples of Embedded Game-Enhanced Learning Initiatives at UTM

In 2018-19 we are embedding game-enhanced learning in FSG Leader (Facilitator) Professional Development and Training.

The following 2017-18 initiatives are described in our Annual Report (links will open the PDF file):

Community Building and Games on the UTM Campus

We have introduced games into various community-based, orientation and transition activities on the campus as a way of engaging students and connecting them socially to the campus.

For more details on these initiatives and partnerships, visit our Game Cafés page.

Bibliography & Ludography

Please see our Game-Enhanced Learning Bibliography for a list of academic publications on the use of games in learning and education, and our Game-Enhanced Learning Ludography for a full game inventory.

RGASC Support for Game-Enhanced Learning



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RGASC staff are available to consult with you regarding using games as learning tools for your courses and events. Please contact if you have questions.

Are you planning a boardgame event for your department? Let us know about it and we can help promote your event and provide games if you wish. 

Boardgames Available:

We have a wide variety of boardgames that you can use in game-enhanced learning initiatives at UTM. If a game you wish to use is not on the list, let us know as we may be able to obtain it.

Please see our Boardgame Inventory with links to detailed game descriptions.