Numeracy Support

The following is numeracy support that instructors can access for themselves or recommend to students in their courses. In this context, we understand “numeracy” to refer to the ability and confidence to engage with quantitative information in a given context by applying mathematical, statistical and computational approaches to make informed decisions, to problem-solve, and to logically reason in everyday situations.

Instructors can get numeracy support for their courses through the Numeracy Development Initiative (NDI) or simply by booking a one-on-one consultation with a Numeracy Specialist. During a numeracy consultation, instructors can get support with the design of numeracy-focused assessments (e.g., assignments, quizzes, collaborative projects, term tests), instructional material and exercises, and teaching interventions for their classes, labs, or tutorials. Instructors interested in developing and implementing more resource-intensive numeracy instruction in their courses can apply to the NDI Program which provides financial support for projects that integrate numeracy instruction and learning activities into core courses across the curriculum. Typically, the NDI provides funding for additional numeracy-focused TA hours. Examples of successful NDI projects

Instructors can also refer their students to the RGASC to One-on-One Math Skills Appointments for individualized numeracy support. The Math Skills appointments are available in-person (when the office is open), or online using Zoom. Students can book appointments in advance or, when the RGASC office is open, take advantage of drop-in appointments which are available at regularly scheduled times throughout the week. Regardless of format (e.g., online, in-person, pre-booked, or drop-in), appointments are with a math instructor, are typically 30 to 45 minutes long, and focus on working with numbers in a specific context where mathematical, statistical, and computational approaches are used to explore and interpret the numbers to explain a phenomenon. As well, students can work on their foundational math skill during the math appointments. More information about one-on-one appointments at the RGASC and how to book them can be found here.

As of Fall 2021, instructors can encourage students to enrol in ISP130: Numeracy for University and Beyond, a for-credit course designed to develop students’ confidence in engaging with quantitative information. Capped at 30 students per section, ISP130 is taught by Numeracy Specialists who use interactive group work and real-world applications to help students develop a framework for understanding numeracy. 

Finally, the RGASC’s Numeracy Specialists can also advise or assist instructors with numeracy-related SoTL research. 

The RGASC’s Numeracy Specialist is Andie Burazin (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, CLTA).

UTM instructors can book an appointment with a Numeracy Specialist by submitting a request to