The Elements of Academic Writing Workshop Series


This series consists of eight workshops that leads participants through the writing process, from understanding the assignment all the way through to editing and revising the paper once it is written. Participants who successfully complete the series (attending and doing the preparatory work for at least six of the eight workshops, as well as completing the final reflective analysis) will receive CoCurricular Record recognition on their transcripts. The format of the workshops emphasizes the hands-on application of the principles and approaches that are taught: participants will work with material from their own courses and disciplines as they acquire the relevant skills and understandings linked to each stage of the writing process. 

Total Number of Hours: 21-40

What is required: Participants must attend one iteration of each of the seven modules, topics listed below; these modules are offered in both Fall and Winter terms, and participants can attend modules in either term. The modules comprise 12 hours of instruction, and the participants must complete 6 of the 8 homework assignments (1 for each of the modules) and a Reflective Writing Assignment. The 6 required homework assignments and the Reflective Writing Assignment will take a minimum of 10.5 hours to complete. Global commentary on each of the homework assignments will be provided.

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Registration is required.  Register here!