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Resources for Students

The UofT Academic Advising and Support website offers a comprehensive list of activities and advice on areas of reading, writing and listening and the Writing at UofT website provides very detailed information about how you can improve aspects of your writing, including grammar, structure and style. Further help can also be found at the website for the English Language Development Centre (ELDC) from UTSC.

If you are looking for writing help in the sciences, guides are available from the UofT Health Sciences website to assist with specific queries related to some of the expectations you might face when writing an assignment.


  • At the Online Learning Centre for Business Communication there is a comprehensive grammar review that contains multiple grammar exercises.
  • The OWL at Purdue website discusses many aspects of English Grammar.
  • For more advanced English grammar, the about education website has some useful tips.
  • The Online English Grammar Book has a comprehensive list of topics in a language that is easy to understand.


  • Checkout our 'Expanding Your Academic Vocabulary' Video by clicking here and a transcript of the video can be found here.
  • A useful online graphical dictionary from Visuwords allows learners to look up words and to find their meanings and associations.
  • The Academic Phrasebank allows learners to learn about vocabulary associated with the different sections of an academic paper.
  • Vocabulary exercises for the Academic Word List may be useful to find appropriate language for the academic context.

Referencing and Citations


  • Checkout our 'Avoiding Plagiarism' video by clicking here and a transcript of the video can be found here.
  • UofT has their own guide on ‘how not to plagiarize’ which should be a key tool for all students.
  • Comprehensive guides and tools are also available from OWL at Purdue, and from Indiana University.
  • Information on Intellectual Property guidelines at UofT can be found here.

Presentation Skills

Resources for Faculty

English Language Learner (ELL) Support Initiative

Objective: To contribute to the support of ELL students at UTM through projects that explore innovative pedagogy and approaches to language development.

Core Message: Funds are available to support Departments who want to develop and deliver innovative activities, workshops, tasks, or other interventions designed to support ELL students at the undergraduate level. This is a pilot project targeting courses to be taught in Winter 2018 or Summer 2018.

Please see additional details and application form linked here.

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