Submitting Documentation for Missed Work

What do I do if I miss a test or assignment in my UTM Anthropology course?

Consult your syllabus for instructions, as the department will not respond to special consideration request submissions for courses that are not using the online system.

To request special consideration, you must complete the following steps WITHIN 72 HOURS from the date of the missed test or the assignment due dateSupporting documentation must also be submitted WITHIN 72 HOURS.

FOR MISSED FINAL EXAMS, see your syllabus and apply through the Office of the Registrar website within 72 hours.

Please note: Should you have two mid-term tests (for Anthropology courses) on the same day, your request to have one of the mid-term tests deferred to another day will be denied.

Step 1: Submit your special consideration request online

Submit your Special Consideration Request within 72 hours of the missed test or assignment due date.

IMPORTANT: After you submit your request, please allow one week for the department to make a decision. (See Step 4 below for details.)

(Note: use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox only.  Also note the system is not mobile-friendly.)

Step 2: Declare your absence on ROSI/ACORN

Declare your absence on ROSI/ACORN within 72 hours of the missed test or assignment due date. .

Step 3: Bring or send your original supporting documentation to the Anthropology Department

Option 1: Deliver in person

Bring your original supporting documentation to the department within 72 hours of the missed test or assignment due date. Please place it in the Anthropology Drop Box next to HSC300 (across from the elevator). Or, you can choose to send it to us via email (see instructions below).

Option 2: Send via email

If you wish, you may send a photo or scan of your original supporting documentation as follows:

  1. Use your email address.
  2. Send it to
  3. Send it within 72 hours of the missed test or assignment due date.

If you choose to send documentation via email, you MUST keep the original copy in case the department or course instructor sends you a request to see it.

Acceptable types of supporting documentation:

Verification of Student Injury or Illness form

  • Download the Verification of Student Injury or Illness form (PDF).
  • To be completed only by a Physician, Surgeon, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Psychologist or Dentist.
  • MUST include the statement "This student was unable to write the test on date(s) for medical reasons".
  • MUST show that the physician was consulted within ONE day of the test date.
  • A statement merely confirming a report of illness made by the student is NOT acceptable.

Verification of Extenuating Circumstances form

Other appropriate documentation such as a death certificate, an automobile collision or police report, etc.

Note: ROSI declarations are not accepted as supporting documentation.

Step 4: Check your utoronto email for a decision on your request (allow ONE WEEK for response)

If you don't receive an email with a decision (approval or denial) within one week of submitting your special consideration request, contact the Departmental Assistant at

A departmental committee evaluates each request, and provides the Departmental Assistant with the decision. 

The Departmental Assistant will inform you of the decision via email (to your utoronto email account). 

It is your responsibility to ensure your utoronto email account is working and able to receive emails. Claims that a departmental decision was not received will NOT be considered as a reason for further consideration.


Important information regarding special consideration requests

It is your responsibility to follow the appropriate procedures and submit requests for special consideration on time. Failure to do so may result in the committee denying your request.

False statements and/or documentation will be treated as academic offences and dealt with accordingly. It is a student's responsibility to be familiar with the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

Students registered with AccessAbility

If you are a student registered with AccessAbility, any requests for extensions MUST be negotiated with the instructor WELL IN ADVANCE of the due date.  If you miss an assignment deadline or test date for a reason not connected to your registered disability, please follow the regular procedure for a missed test or assignment, as outlined above.


You have 72 hours from the date of the missed test or assignment to submit your request and supporting documentation. Late requests will NOT be considered without a letter of explanation as to why the request is late.


For missed assignments, the extension period is ONLY for the duration when the student was ill; the assignment will be due immediately upon the student's recovery.

Make-up Tests

If your request is approved and a make-up test is required, the committee, in consultation with the instructor, will determine the make-up test date.  This date is not negotiable.  If a make-up test date is specified on your syllabus, this will normally be the date used.

No student is automatically entitled to a second make-up test if you miss the first one. In the extraordinary and unlikely event you miss both the in-class test and the make-up test scheduled for that class, for a reason beyond your control, you will have to re-petition the department with new documentation, by submitting the online Special Consideration Request system - be sure to add in the comments that this is a re-petition request. If the petition is granted, you will write your test on the next scheduled make-up date.

The department may accommodate students writing tests scheduled in more than two Anthropology courses on the same day, provided the student contacts the department about this issue one week in advance of the test date, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.


Please contact the Anthropology Department at