ANT432H5F - Advanced Seminar in Anthropology (SCI)

Social Learning and Cultural Patterns

Social learning is fundamental to human experience, through which individuals, societies and generations share information and practices, and form cultural patterns and norms. Learning how to do something is also learning how to be a member of a society. This course uses case studies from anthropology, psychology, and biology to discuss the social, psychological, and biological foundations of social learning and the roles of social learning in shaping cultural patterns. The weekly topics may include, but not limited to, the definition of culture, means of social learning, over-imitation, cultural niche, communities of practice, the origin of schooling, and the material expressions of social learning. Students should leave this course with a new understanding of the similarities and differences between human and non-human communities, and with a better understanding of the diversity, continuity and changes in our cultures from intra-generational and inter-generational perspectives.

Departmental approval requires that you have one course from each of the following three categories:
1) ANT200H5 or ANT201H5
2) ANT202H5 or ANT203H5
3) ANT204H5 or ANT206H5