ANT431H5S Special Problems in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SSc)

Topic Title: The Promises and Perils of Planning: Ethnographic Perspectives

  • Instructor: Marianna Reis
  • Day/Time: TBD in the Winter 2024 "S" term at UTM
  • Prerequisite(s): TBD

What is planning and what does planning do? This course aims to explore such questions through an anthropological lens, to consider the relations of power, discourses, practices, materialities, technologies and actors that comprise the assemblage we call “planning”. Recent anthropological literature on planning, urbanism, and infrastructure has sought to challenge taken for granted notions of planning as a neutral technical solution-based practice, looking instead at how the “stuff of planning” – such as roads, maps, housing, sanitation, traffic, planning meetings, proposals, zoning regulations, legislation – produces difference and shapes everyday experiences of citizenship, belonging, public space, and mobility in profound ways.