ANT430H5S Special Problems in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

Topic Title: The Legacy of Colonialism in Archaeological Practice: A Global Perspective

  • Instructor: Natalia Handziuk
  • Day/Time: Wednesday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM in the Winter 2023 "S" term at UTM
  • Prerequisite: ANT200H5 or ANT201H5
back of a person looking at facade of a building carved into a stone canyon wall
Photo © N. Handziuk. All rights reserved.

Colonialist thought and practices have an ongoing influence on archaeological field work, analysis, research, and discourse. Through an examination of research in Canada, Greece, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan this course explores the impact of colonialism, as well as meaningful decolonizing strategies, in archaeology.  

  • In this discussion-based course, students will examine how archaeology has been complicit in establishing colonialist structures 
  • They will critique colonialism by considering the work of archaeologists whose identities are tied to their area of research 
  • Students will scrutinize decolonizing practices 
  • They will explore how 21st century social movements have transformed archaeology 

Themes explored in this course are applicable beyond the featured regions to all archaeological practice. The themes are also applicable outside of archaeology to the study of arts and material culture as well as to modern geopolitics and institutional practices. 

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