ANT430H5F Special Problems in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

Topic Title: Critical Theory and Practice in Bioarchaeology

  • Instructor: Jose Sanchez
  • Day/Time: Thursday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM in the Fall 2022 "F" term at UTM
  • Prerequisites: ANT202H5 (or equivalent) and (ANT334H5 and ANT340H5) or permission of the department
illustration of skeleton standing in a thoughtful pose with one hand on a skull on a wooden table
Illustration of a skeleton in a thoughtful pose with one hand on a skull on a table. Image from Pixabay.

While theoretical frameworks inform and guide all bioarchaeological research, few bioarchaeologists have traditionally engaged with theory. There have also been recent concerns of practices and methods used in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology and debates have arisen regarding their continued practice and/or utility. This course will highlight theoretical models that have been used to develop the field of bioarchaeology and explore theoretical frameworks incorporated more recently that allow for a more critical practice and conceptualization of bioarchaeology. This course will then examine the contemporary debates in bioarchaeological practices and the various ways researchers are contributing to a more critical and conscientious bioarchaeology. Through this course, students interested in pursuing graduate studies can take the opportunity to develop and design projects they may be interested in.

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