Ghana: Women's Leadership and Gender Rights (Co-curricular International Experience)

During the February 2017 reading week, a group of UTM students travelled to Ghana with Professor Sarah Hillewaert in order to explore the role of women as members of Ghanaian society and as agents of change. This trip was offered as a UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experience via the UTM International Education Centre's UTM Abroad Program

Highlights of Trip

  • Journey from the metropolitan hub of Accra to the stunning landscape of Cape Coast;
  • Examine opportunities for community-driven advancement and obstacles to gender equality;
  • Reflect on the links between culture, gender, tourism and social justice.


All photos © Sarah Hillewaert. All Rights Reserved.

Accra, Ghana, 2017:


soccer field in Accra, Ghana
students visiting Accra, Ghana


students visiting Accra, Ghana


Cape Coast, Ghana, 2017:


shoreline in Cape Coast, Ghana


students visiting Cape Coast, Ghana