Forms for TAs

Note regarding suspension of service of the UTM/UTSG Shuttle Bus for the Summer and Fall semesters in 2020:  

UTM Department of Anthropology TAs can submit expense reimbursement forms and receipts for reasonable transit costs for work-related TA travel between Mississauga and downtown Toronto until the shuttle service resumes. 

Please note the maximum reimbursement amount is $14 per return trip


  • The coverage applies to TAs for courses that have an in-person component at UTM.
  • TAs can submit reimbursement requests for various means of transit to the campus, including:
    • TTC
    • MiWay
    • car pooling
    • taxis
    • ride sharing

How to submit your reimbursement request:

Please complete and send the following via email to Carolyn Loos, Department Manager at

  1. CUPE 3902 Unit 1 UTM Shuttle Reimbursement Form (PDF)
  2. U of T Expense Reimbursement Form (PDF) (You only need to complete the sections that are highlighted in yellow.)
  3. Photos or scans of your travel receipts 

Inter-campus Travel Reimbursement

(From CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Agreement 2014-17 Section 27:06)

Employees required to perform their duties at a campus other than their affiliated campus shall be reimbursed for supervisor-approved travel expenses for all travel between campuses required for the performance of their duties. For St George/UTM travel reimbursement is at the rate of a return shuttle bus trip. For UTSC/UTM travel reimbursement is at the rate of a combined return TTC and shuttle bus trip.