Get Involved

We encourage undergraduate students to get involved in anthropology-related activities beyond the classroom. Participating in activities outside of the classroom can lead to rewarding experiences, new skills and new contacts, all of which can broaden and enhance your experience as an undergraduate student.

Check our Events page regularly and connect with the UTM Anthropology Society for the latest event announcements.

Students share the benefits of getting involved

Watch our student panel Q&A: What kinds of activities are available to anthropology students at UTM outside of regular academic work? (5:16)

Volunteer with UTMAS

Participate in the UTM Anthropology Society and you'll gain valuable transferable skills.

  • UTMAS presents a wide variety of fun and inclusive events throughout the year.
  • Consider volunteering to assist at an event.
  • Consider running for a UTMAS Executive Council position. These positions provide the opportunity to develop valuable, transferable skills in:
    • leadership
    • organization
    • communication
    • event planning
    • and more!

Publish your work

Young Anthropology is the UTM Department of Anthropology's online, open access and peer-reviewed undergraduate journal.

  • Did you write a particularly strong course paper?
  • Did you conduct research for a class?
  • Have you participated in an experiential learning opportunity?
  • Would you like to share a book review you wrote or an interview that you conducted?
  • Have you created anthropology-related artwork?
  • Consider submitting your work to Young Anthropology!

Attend a facilitated study group (FSG)

Attend facilitated study group sessions for the opportunity to:

  • compare study notes
  • clarify course concepts
  • gain study methods
  • study for tests and assignments

...all in a judgement-free zone and active learning environment!

Attend a conference

  • Attend the Anthropology Conference at UTM to learn about the various fields of study and student research.
  • If you wish to present your research, you can practice your skills in an informal, supportive environment.

Learn about graduate school

  • UTM Anthropology faculty present valuable information about graduate programs in anthropology at the annual UTMAS Graduate School Information Session.
  • Check our Events page for announcements.

Attend a special lecture

  • Webinars and lectures will be posted on our Events page.
  • U of T faculty and guests from other prestigious institutions lecture on a variety of Anthropology-related subjects.

Other Opportunities for Students