Generalist Anthropology


What is Generalist Anthropology?

Generalist Anthropology refers to a broad grounding in the various subfields of Anthropology. This approach is ideal for undergraduate students who want to have maximum career flexibility and who don't plan to pursue graduate studies in a specific subfield of Anthropology. In Generalist Anthropology, your studies may include:

  • Archaeology;
  • Biological Anthropology;
  • Forensic Anthropology;
  • Anthropology of Health;
  • Linguistic Anthropology; and
  • Sociocultural Anthropology.

Undergraduate programs

Students who study Generalist Anthropology normally enrol in one of the following programs:

  • Specialist Program in Anthropology (Science) ERSPE0105
  • Major Program in Anthropology (Science) ERMAJ010
  • Specialist Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERSPE1775 
  • Major Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERMAJ1775

The department also offers a Minor Program in Anthropology (Arts) ERMIN1775 and many students in this program combine it with other Major programs. Learn more about Anthropology programs at UTM.

Undergraduate courses

Our recommended upper-level courses for Generalist Anthropology are Anthropology Science (SCI) and Social Science (SSc) credits.

Learn more about course selection for Anthropology programs of study.