ANT465H5S The Anthropology of Islam (SSc)

The Anthropology of Islam over striped background

Instructor: Professor Sarah Hillewaert

This engaging seminar course offers a unique opportunity for an upper-level overview of anthropological research on Islam and cultures of the Muslim world. We will examine various manifestations of the Islamic tradition and the diversity and complexity of Muslim cultures around the world. Gain an introduction to key questions, tools, methods, and arguments that have been taken up by anthropologists studying Muslims, Islam, and Islamic societies. 

Prerequisite: 1.0 credit at the 300-level sociocultural anthropology course or permission of the instructor.

About the instructor: Dr. Sarah Hillewaert is a linguistic anthropologist and Associate Professor of Anthropology at UTM. Her research areas include linguistic responses to globalization and urbanization, language and youth culture, language ideologies and semiotic ideologies, language and religion.