ANT432H5S Advanced Seminar in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

This course is offered in the Winter 2022 "S" term.

Topic title: What our ancestors were eating: the relationship between human, food, & society

Instructor: Kalyan Chakraborty

Course Description: Once regarded as a rather unexciting field of studies associated with basic subsistence, palaeodietary studies have been rejuvenated in recent years by both recent advances of scientific methods and new theoretical perspectives. In this course we aim to first understand the theoretical and methodological advancements to reconstruct ancient diet and then how the information gathered can potentially be used to reconstruct social, political, climatic and economic aspects of past societies, and the health and wellbeing of present indigenous communities.  Each week we will begin with a short lecture on the overview of important thematic issues and debates, followed by a discussion on each reading led by students will end with a class discussion or debate.

Prerequisite: ANT200H5 and ANT201H5

Recommended Preparation: ANT312H5, ANT334, ANT415 (any or all of these courses would be beneficial to have, but are not required to take this course).

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