ANT432H5F (Summer) Advanced Seminar in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

This course is offered in the Summer 2022 "F" term.

Topic title: X Marks the Spot: Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Instructor: Alicia Hawkins

four map images

Course Description: Whether examining past migration routes, ancient water management systems, disposal areas in the Palaeolithic, or arrangement of houses within settlements, spatial analysis is fundamental to archaeology.

  • In this applied course, students will examine how archaeologists employ mapping to investigate the past.
  • Students will learn methods to create, represent, and manage spatial data.
  • They will employ Geographic Information Systems to visualize and interpolate spatial phenomena.
  • Students will experiment with tools such as view-shed analysis and least-cost pathways as means to better understand the landscapes people inhabited in the past.

Skills developed in this course are applicable in both culture resource management and research contexts.

Prerequisites: ANT200H5 and ANT201H5

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