ANT431H5S Special Problems in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SSc)

Please note this course has been cancelled and therefore is not offered in the Winter 2021 term. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Topic Title: The refugee in a world without refuge

Instructor: Elmirasadat Alihosseini

In recent years, the “refugee” has resurged as a contentious and politically charged figure: from calls to ban refugees from resettling in the United States, to fears of refugees “flooding” European national borders. Retreating from these debates, this course approaches the modern figure(s) of the “refugee” through anthropology. We will consider: What is a refugee? Where did the term refugee come from? Who gets to “count” as a refugee, how is this decided, and by whom? And finally what does it take to seek "refuge" in an increasingly refuge-less world? Through an interdisciplinary corpus of works of anthropologists, literary critics, historians and political scientists, we will explore—and unsettle—the modern figure of the refugee and consider how law, asylum, humanitarianism and borders are categorizing and fixing those who come in contact with them.

Pre-requisite: ANT204H5 or ANT207H5