ANT431H5F Special Problems in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology (SSc)

This course is offered in the Fall 2020 term. Details will be available on the Fall and Winter UTM Course Timetable.

Topic title: Crisis and its continuities

Instructor: Tessa Bonduelle

This class explores crisis and its continuities. Crisis is often defined and understood publicly as a temporary and extreme event, a disaster or a catastrophe that marks a moment of rupture, threatening life as we know it. Yet, such a definition ignores the historical processes, the everyday practices and policies, as well as the discourses that contribute to and create a “crisis.” In this class, we will ask: 1) what is a “crisis”? 2) what do crises reveal and what do they obscure? 3) what do crises produce and for who? We will situate spotlighted events—such as the COVID-19 epidemic, the European refugee crisis, the Greek debt crisis—within broader trends and routines, interrogating the taken-for-granted systems and ideologies of our contemporary world (e.g. nation, state, democracy etc.), aiming also to understand how crises are experienced differently and unequally across society.

Pre-requisite: ANT204 and (ANT206 or ANT207); or permission from the department